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SBI is the largest bank of our country India, that is, at present, assets, branches, ATMs and SBI is far ahead of other banks in terms of customers. Because SBI has been providing excellent banking facilities to the Indian people for a long time, hence in today’s era SBI has become the favorite bank of the people. Meaning, every Indian wants to open their account and avail credit card and other banking facilities from SBI only. Now without any delay, if we talk about the issue, nowadays SBI is offering many types of credit cards to its customers, due to which some people are confused that which is the best SBI credit card ? If you are also confused, then definitely read the whole article, in this article we will try to give detailed information about some of the major and best SBI credit cards .

Which is the best SBI credit card?

Although all the credit cards of SBI are good, but with the information given below about some major credit cards, you can choose the best credit card of SBI as per your need:-

  1. SBI Simply Save Credit

2,000 Bonus Reward Points on spending Rs.2,000 on this card within the first 60 days.

100 cashback is given on cash withdrawal from ATM machine in the first 30 days.

Earn 10 reward points and 2.5% cashback on every Rs.100 spent at Dining, Movies, Departmental Stores, Kirana Stores.

01 percent fuel surcharge is waived in order to fill oil from any petrol pump.

The annual fee of this card is 499 respectively, and is waived off on transactions of more than 1 lakh in a year.

This card can be used at more than 2.4 crore outlets worldwide.

With the help of this card, any goods can be bought in installments (EMI).

There is no late payment fee of up to Rs 200 on this card.

Cardholders can redeem their reward points by paying very small amounts.

This credit card can be reclaimed by spending just Rs 100.

Any Indian citizen of 18 years of age can get this card made.

  1. SBI Simply Click Credit

Amazon gift voucher of Rs 500 is given as welcome benefits on this card.

10 reward points are given for every Rs 100 spent in online shopping.

A gift voucher of Rs 2000 is given on annual expenditure of Rs 1 lakh.

01 percent fuel surcharge is waived on oil purchases at any petrol pump.

Annual fee of Rs 499 is waived off on transactions of Rs 1 lakh annually.

The card can be used at over 24 million outlet locations across the world.

Cards can be made for any member of the family on this card.

Any item can be purchased in installments (EMI).

In case the card gets lost or damaged, it can be rebuilt by spending only Rs 100.

Most of the benefits of this card are almost similar to those of Simply Save Credit Card.

how to get a credit card
  1. SBI Prime Credit Card

A gift voucher of Rs 3000 is given on this card as a welcome benefit, which can be used on any one brand.

With this credit card, you get 2 reward points for every Rs 100 spent.

This card earns 10x reward points on birthday purchases.

15 reward points per Rs.100 spent at Big Basket.

On spending Rs 5 lakh in a year, you get a gift voucher worth Rs 7000.

Easy My Trip offers huge discounts on hotel, flight, bus bookings.

Travel bookings done through Cleartrip, Goibibo, Yatra.Com get the option to pay in installments (EMI).

8 free access to domestic airport lounges and 4 free access to international airport lounges are given every year.

1500 bonus points are given on making this card and staying in the hotel for the first time.

Air accident insurance is also given on this card. Which is insured for 50 lakh rupees.

The cardholder is also given an insurance of Rs. 01 lakh against card fraud.

  1. SBI Elite Credit Card

Two reward points are available for every Rs 100 spent, which are available on both domestic and international spends.

When using this card abroad, one has to pay only 1.99% foreign exchange mark-up fee, which is lower as compared to other credit cards of SBI.

Annual fee of Rs 4,999 is waived off on expenditure of Rs 10 lakh in a year.

The cardholder is also given an insurance of Rs 01 lakh against fraud on this card.

Every year, movie tickets worth up to Rs 6,000 are given free.

Every three months you get 2 free entries on domestic lounge and 6 free entries on international lounge.

Club Vistara membership benefits, and 10% discount on car rental are also offered.

  1. SBI BPCL Credit Card

Welcome gift of 1500 bonus points is also available on SBI BPCL Credit Card.

A value back of 7.25 percent is given while filling oil at BPCL petrol pump.

Bharat Gas gives 25 reward points per Rs 100 spent.

A gift voucher of Rs 2,000 is given on every expenditure of Rs 3 lakh per year.

Money transfer facility is available to credit cards of other banks at normal rates.

On this card, there is an option to convert transactions up to Rs 2500 into EMI.

4 free entries per year at Gharlu Lounge, and fraud insurance up to Rs. 1 lakh is also given on this card.

(Note:- For updated information you can visit SBI website)

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