which account has highest rate of interest

It is very important to talk about which account has higher rate of interest. Because at present most of the people want to earn maximum interest on their deposited money by opening bank account. In this way, many types of accounts can be opened in the bank and a lot of interest can be earned on the money deposited in it. But in this article, we will tell which bank account offers the highest interest rate . If you do not know in which account the bank gives maximum interest, then definitely read the whole article, you will definitely get the answer.

Interest Rates of Different Banks

which account has highest rate of interest

Fixed account of any bank has the highest rate of interest. This type of account is also called Fixed Deposit Account. A fixed amount is left in this account for a fixed period of time. That’s why the highest rate of interest is given by the banks in the fixed account. Apart from this, Recurring Account also known as Recurring Deposit Account. Almost the same rate of interest is in the recurring account as in the fixed account.


Which account offers higher interest rate?

Fixed account offers higher rate of interest as compared to other accounts.

What is the interest rate on savings account?

Almost all banks have 2% to 3% interest rate on savings account.

What is the interest rate on current account?

There is no interest rate on current account, because no bank gives interest on this account.

What is the interest rate on Fixed Account?

The interest rate on Fixed Account of almost all banks ranges from 6% to 8% per annum. Some new banks offer even higher interest rates.

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