minimum amount due in credit card

To get a credit card, there should be a minimum monthly salary of Rs 15,000, that is, if a person gets a salary of Rs 15,000 or more per month, then his credit card can be made very easily. Some banks offer credit cards only with a minimum monthly salary of Rs 10,000. Information about this can be obtained by visiting banks’ websites or bank branches.

Ultimately, at present the minimum monthly income eligibility is gradually disappearing, because nowadays many banks are offering credit cards even to those people who do not have regular monthly income. There is no source. That is, the bank is also offering credit cards on the deposits or fixed deposits of individuals. However, if the customer defaults in credit card bill payment, his deposited money or fixed deposit can be confiscated by the bank.

minimum amount due in credit card


  1. How old should one be to get a credit card?

To get a credit card, the minimum age should be 21 to 70 years. However, some banks are providing credit cards to persons above 18 years of age.

  1. How many days does it take for a credit card to be made?

The credit card is made in approximately 20 to 25 days, as it takes 07 to 14 days for the bank to accept the application, after which the credit card is sent to the home address through post.

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