best scheme in post office

Most of the people want to know ,what is the best scheme in the post office. Because everyone knows that the post office is a government institution and the Government of India keeps bringing new schemes from time to time. In this article, we will tell about all the post office schemes, in which the highest interest rate can be availed on investing. If you have come to get information about the best scheme of post office, then you must read the whole article, after reading this article you will know yourself which is the best scheme in post office, in which investment earns the highest rate of interest can be done .

Post Office Best Sceme

The best scheme in the post office is as follows:-

  1. Senior Citizen Saving Scheme

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme is for investors above 60 years of age, in which 8.2% interest rate is given by post. The minimum amount to invest in it is not fixed, but the maximum amount is fixed up to 15,00,000.

  1. Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme

Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme is specially for girls, in which 8.0% interest can be made on minimum investment of 1000. The biggest advantage of this scheme is that there is no tax on deposit-interest and the entire money can be withdrawn by closing the account in between.

  1. National Savings Certificate Scheme

The investment period under the National Savings Certificate Scheme is 5 years, in which the minimum amount of investment is Rs 100, while the maximum amount is not fixed. 7.7% interest can be earned by joining this scheme.

  1. Kisan Vikas Patra Scheme

Even though this scheme is made for the farmers, but other people can also earn interest at the rate of 7.5% by investing a minimum of 1000, while the maximum amount to be invested is not fixed. Under this scheme, your money can be doubled in 10 years or can be withdrawn in between if needed.

best scheme in post office
  1. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

In exchange for the money deposited in this scheme, for the next 5 years, a fixed amount is received as interest every month. And after 5 years the deposited money is also returned. In this budget, the government has increased the limit of depositing money from 4.50 lakhs to 9 lakhs and the joint account limit from 9 lakhs to 15 lakhs. While the interest rate on this investment has also been increased to 7.4%.

  1. Post Office Fixed Deposit Scheme

The minimum amount to invest in this scheme has been fixed at Rs 200. And different periods and interest rates have been kept for investing in it. That is, any person can get maximum 7.0% interest on investment of 5 years. Accounts opened under this scheme can also be transferred to any other person.

  1. Post Office PPF Scheme

Post Office PPF Scheme i.e. Public Provident Fund Scheme has a fixed tenure of 15 years and an interest rate of 7.1% has been fixed. The minimum amount to invest in this scheme is Rs 500 and the maximum amount is Rs 1,50,000.

  1. National Pension Scheme

This scheme has been made by the post office to give benefits after retirement. Only a retired Indian person can take advantage of this. There is some tax exemption on investment in this scheme and there is no upper limit to invest in it.


Which scheme is best in post office?

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme, Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme, Kisan Vikas Patra Scheme and National Savings Certificate Scheme are the best in the post office, on which the maximum interest rate is available.

Which FD scheme is best in post office?

Five year FD scheme is the best in the post office, which has a maximum interest rate of 7.0%.

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