pnb atm card

I would like to tell you that no minimum age has been prescribed for opening an account in any bank, but there is definitely an age prescribed for making an ATM card. If you are a minor and an account holder of Punjab National Bank, then you must be having questions in your mind regarding making ATM card of Punjab National Bank. If you want to know what is the minimum age required to make Punjab National Bank ATM card, then read the entire article, the answer to this question is available below.

pnb atm card

How old should one be to make a PNB ATM card?

To make PNB ATM card, the minimum age should be 10 years. That means, if your age is ten years or more then you can make Punjab National Bank Rupee ATM card, but for this you must have a PNB Junior SF account in Punjab National Bank, only then you can apply for the ATM card.


  1. What is required to make PNB ATM card?

To make a PNB ATM card, one must have an account in Punjab National Bank, after which it can be made by applying with the help of ATM application form, bank passbook and photo copy of Aadhaar.

  1. How many days does it take for PNB ATM card to arrive?

Punjab National Bank ATM card arrives in about 07 days to 15 days, that is, after applying in the bank, the bank sends it to the home address through the post office. That is, all these processes take 07 to 15 days.

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