how to get atm card of bank of baroda

There is no minimum age prescribed for opening an account in any bank, but the age for making an ATM card has definitely been prescribed. If you are an account holder of Bank of Baroda, and you are having questions in your mind regarding making an ATM card, that is, you are wondering what is the minimum age to make a Bank of Baroda ATM card, then do read the entire article, below. The answer to the question will be found.

What is the age required to make BOB ATM card?

how to get atm card of bank of baroda

The minimum age to make BOB ATM card should be 10 years. Means your age is between ten years to 18 years, then you can make Baroda Champ ATM card under Baroda Champ Savings Account. For the first time, there is no charge for making the Rupay Baroda Champ ATM card, but for the second change of this card, normal charges will have to be paid.


  1. What is required to make BOB ATM card?

To make BOB ATM card, one must have an account in Bank of Baroda, after which one can apply with the help of ATM application form, bank passbook and photo copy of Aadhaar.

  1. How many days does it take for the BOB ATM card to arrive?

Bank of Baroda ATM card arrives at the home address in about 07 days to 15 days, that is, in simple words, after applying in the bank, the bank sends it to the applicant’s address through the post office. , which takes 07 to 15 days to reach and sometimes even longer.

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