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If you have come to know what is required to apply an ATM card , then you are welcome. Friends, if seen in the present times, everyone wants to get an ATM card, because in today’s era, with the help of ATM card, one can withdraw cash from the ATM machine in any corner of the world, make bill payment for online shopping, and use mobile phone with the help of ATM card. You can easily control your bank account by starting banking or net banking. If you have not yet made your ATM card, are thinking of making an ATM card, then definitely read the entire article, in this article you will get complete information about applying ATM card in detail.

How to Get ATM Card?

To get an ATM card, first of all you must have an account in any bank, after which you can apply for the ATM card in the bank branch. 

What are the Documents Required to apply an ATM Card?

As we mentioned above, first of all you should have an account in a bank. And to apply for an ATM card, you must have the ATM application form, passbook and Aadhaar card.

credit card defaulter

How to Apply for ATM Card?

You will have to go to your bank branch where you will have to ask for ATM card application form from the bank employee, which is available for free. After filling your name, account number and other correct information in that application form, you will have to submit it to the bank employee along with mandatory documents like photocopy of Aadhar card, photocopy of bank passbook. After which your ATM card is sent by the bank to your home address through post.

How many days does it take for the ATM card to be made?

Within about a week to ten days of applying at the bank branch, the ATM card is prepared and arrives at your home by post. And sometimes due to bank closure, it takes fifteen to twenty days for the ATM card to reach.

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