own damage insurance

Own Damage (OD) Insurance

Own Damage (OD) Insurance is a type of motor insurance policy which is also known as OD Insurance. An Own Damage (OD) Insurance serves to protect your vehicle against any unforeseen damages. This insurance policy serves to provide insurance coverage against any kind of damage caused to your vehicle due to road accidents, fire, natural calamities or any other type of mishap. An Own Damage (OD) insurance policy Insurance) designed to provide third party liability as well as additional coverage.

Therefore, an Own Damage (OD) Insurance protects you from the financial burden on your vehicle if it gets damaged in an accident, natural calamities, man-made calamities, etc. Is. Even if your vehicle is stolen, an Own Damage (OD) Insurance Policy provides you coverage.

What Is Included In OD Insurance ?

  1. Accidental damage
  2. Fire and explosion
  3. Natural disasters
  4. Man- made disasters
  5. Theft / Malicious Act
own damage insurance

What Is Not Covered Under Own Damage Insurance ?

  1. Third – Party Liabilities
  2. Driving without license
  3. Drunk Driving
  4. Consequential Damages
  5. Electrical / Mechanical breakdown .
  6. Depreciation of your car due to wear and tear over time
  7. Use of your vehicle for other purposes mentioned in the policy .
  8. Any loss that is beyond the scope of the terms and conditions of your policy .

What Add – Ons Are Available With Own Damage Insurance

  1. Zero depreciation cover
  2. Engine protection cover
  3. Consumable Cover
  4. Challan cover
  5. Key Replacement Cover
  6. Roadside Assistance Cover
  7. External emergency cover
  8. No Claim Bonus ( NCB ) Protection
  9. Personal Accident Cover for Passengers

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