What is Goat Insurance Policy

Goat Insurance Policy

India is counted among the leading countries of the world in terms of animal wealth. The population of animals found here is the highest as compared to other countries. Most of India’s population lives in villages and they do agriculture as well as animal husbandry for their sustenance. Cow, buffalo, goat, sheep etc. are reared in animal husbandry. Milk, wool etc. are obtained through these animals.

But livestock also face many emergent hazards. For example, if an animal dies due to any reason, then the owner of the animal has to bear the financial loss. Therefore, to avoid all this, it becomes necessary to take an animal insurance. Today we will learn in detail about Goat Insurance Policy in Hindi in this article. We will try to know what are the things to be kept in mind for taking a Goat Insurance Policy. Also what are the benefits of a Goat Insurance Policy? And what are the things covered under it. So let’s go through the Goat Insurance Policy in detail.

What is Goat Insurance Policy

Goat Insurance Policy Key Features

Goat Insurance Policy can be taken by any person / group of people / any cooperative body.
Goat Insurance Policy provides compensation to the owner in case of death of the goat. If the goat dies due to any reason, then the goat owner is given compensation equal to its market value.
A Goat Insurance Policy can be taken from 1 year to 3 years. You can choose the policy term as per your convenience.
If the age of your goat is from 4 months to 7 years then you can easily apply for a Goat Insurance Policy.

Goat Insurance Policy Term

  • You can take a Goat Insurance Policy for a minimum of 1 year.
  • This policy can be taken for a maximum period of 3 years.

Goat Insurance Policy Eligibility

While applying for a Goat Insurance Policy you are required to possess the following eligibility-

  • Goat – The age of your goat should be minimum 4 months and maximum 7 years.
  • Sheep – Your sheep must be a minimum of 4 months old and up to a maximum of 7 years old.

Goat Insurance Policy Coverage

A goat insurance policy covers the sudden and unexpected death of the animal due to the following reasons-

  • Fire, lightning, explosion/explosion.
  • Aircraft damage, missile test operations.
  • Riot, strike.
  • Hurricane, Typhoon, Tornado, Tornado, Flood and Inundation.
  • Earthquake
  • Dry.
  • surgical operation.
  • Accident.
  • Disease.

Goat Insurance Policy Sum Assured

If you have taken a Goat Insurance Policy and for some reason your goat dies, then you are provided with compensation equal to the market value. The amount of this compensation is mentioned in the insurance policy at the time of taking the policy.

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