What Is Burglary Insurance

Home Burglary Insurance

A Home Burglary Insurance policy provides an additional protection cover against damage to your property caused by burglary in your home as well as by way of armed robbery. Suppose a home burglary insurance policy provides you a financial protection cover against the loss of your belongings through a sly burglary or vandalism in your home.

Features & Benefits Of Burglary Insurance

  1. A Home Burglary Insurance serves to provide financial protection against any damage to your property as a result of actual burglary or attempted burglary or house breaking.
  2. If you buy a Home Burglary Insurance for your business premises, then if there is any damage to the products, furniture and property present inside your business premises, then a Home Burglary Insurance Covers this too.
  3. If someone dies or becomes permanently or partially disabled during a burglary in your house, then it is also covered under Home Burglary Insurance.
  4. Currently there are many insurance companies that offer the option of adding add-on covers to a Home Burglary Insurance. Through this you can increase your insurance cover. However, you have to pay a little extra premium for adding add-on covers.
What Is Burglary Insurance

Who Should Buy Burglary Insurance Cover?

  1. Owner of the House:

Home burglary can be financially damaging as well as emotionally distressing for a home owner. Because apart from the monetary value of the stolen goods, you also have an emotional attachment to those things. That’s why it is very important for the home owner to have a home burglary insurance. If you have valuables like valuable electronic items, jewellery, etc. in your home then you can avail insurance cover through a burglary insurance. If there is a theft in your house and there is a loss of goods, then the insurance company provides you with an amount equal to the monetary value of all your goods by the insurance company.

  1. Home Tenant:

Even if you are not the owner of the house but are living in someone else’s house as a tenant, a Home Burglary Insurance can be very beneficial for you. Because suppose that house is not yours but you are living in that house and you have stuff in that house which can be valuable. If for some reason there is a theft in your house, then you may have to suffer financially. Hence, with a Home Burglary Insurance, you as a tenant can easily protect your valuables.

How To Save House From Burglary ?

  1. Lock it up:

It is often seen that people do not lock all their doors and windows properly before going out of their house. It is necessary that before leaving your house, you should check all your windows and doors that they are properly closed or not. Sometimes it happens that you forget to close a window and through the same window thieves can easily enter your house and steal your valuables. Therefore it is very important to lock your house completely.

  1. Home Alarm System:

If you have a home alarm system in your home, make sure to set your home alarm system before leaving the house. If you do not have a home alarm system in your home, then you can consider getting it installed. This can make a significant contribution to the security of your home. A home alarm system is designed for home security and if someone tries to break into your home, you are sent an alert through the alarm system. If you have a home alarm system in your house, then you are also provided with a discount on the home insurance premium.

  1. CCTV:

If you are financially prosperous, then you can also consider installing CCTV cameras in your home. Also, you can upgrade your home security equipment.

  1. Do not Publicize Your Absence :

Nowadays a person must inform about it on his social networking platform before going out. Through this, everyone gets information about your absence from home. It is in a way unsafe for your house because the information about your absence can also reach the thieves and it is possible that they can take advantage of your absence and steal from your house easily. So, as far as possible, do not inform social networking sites or other people about your absence unless absolutely necessary.

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