what can you buy with credit card

What can you buy with credit card?

It is very important to talk about what you can buy with a credit card. Because in the present times, most of the people want to make credit cards and use them for various types of purchases as well as bill payments. But there are some of these people who are not fully aware of what credit cards can be used for. If you do not even know, then this article is very important for you, information has been given in this article, what can be bought with a credit card .

What can I buy with a credit card?

  1. Mobile can be recharged with credit card.
  2. Electricity bill can be paid by credit card.
  3. Insurance premium can be paid by credit card.
  4. Can fill fuel in the car with credit card.
  5. Hospital bill can be paid by credit card.
  6. Can buy gold by credit card.
  7. House rent can be paid by credit card.
  8. Can book tickets for air, bus, rail etc.
  9. You can buy any item online or offline.
  10. Cash can also be withdrawn from the ATM machine.
what can you buy with credit card


What is the credit card limit?

Credit card limits range from Rs 10,000 to lakhs. That is, the credit limit is determined on the basis of the income of the person.

How much is the credit card charge?

The credit card joining fee ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000, plus an annual fee has to be paid annually. The charges taken on the credit card are different for all the banks.

How much interest is charged on credit card?

Generally, credit cards charge interest ranging from 2.5% to 3.5% per month. The interest rates of all the banks are different.

What happens if the credit card bill is not paid?

If the credit card bill is not paid on time, the credit score gets reduced, due to which there may be difficulties in taking a new loan or getting a new credit card in future.

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