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Why Buy an Android Smartphone and Not an iPhone?

Since Android began to have a large number of applications, it became a competitor to iOS, and since then the debate of the two operating systems between iPhone or Android which is the best has been decisive in deciding which smartphone to buy. Currently, which of the two operating systems is better? We tell you why we should buy an Android and not an iPhone.

Be clear About What You Want
Before we start, it is first necessary to be clear about what you actually expect from the iPhone and how you want to use it. Think about which functions of the phone are essential for you and which ones you can easily get rid of. You should also be clear about the amount you are willing to pay for the phone. iPhone smartphones are sold in various price categories, so it is not a problem to get really interesting pieces even for relatively little money. In the end, precisely set expectations are the key to success when choosing the iPhone. Not only from the point of view of subsequent satisfaction with the functions of the phone, but also from the point of view of the economic side of the whole purchase.

Why Not Buy an iPhone?

iPhone or Android

The iPhone isn’t a bad machine, but the system some time create problems.

Another argument is the price. If you are one of the users who expect from a mobile phone primarily to make calls and send SMS, the ability to surf the Internet, take decent photos and ordinary videos, then you will not find a use for iPhones.

The iPhone operating system is not compatible with other systems. So you can only use iOS. Sometimes it is not possible to set the default application.


Android are its wide customization possibilities, But this is not possible with Apple, the system is limited. Impossibility to modify the system in any way.

So why not get an iPhone? Price will probably be the main argument here. iPhone models tend to be more expensive, and you can often get more powerful mobile phones from other manufacturers at the same price level.

In Short: What Should I Buy iPhone or Android?

If you do not use any Apple device, but would like to join the large community of Apple users, consider the following factors first.

More Expensive: We all know that Apple overprices its devices and customers pay, as they say, for the brand. It’s just too expensive for most people.

System Limitations: Android users for being able to customize their phone so much more. The uniform iOS environment still displays the same thing after unlocking – the basic desktop with icons.

Storage: It doesn’t have mass storage. iTunes is required to connect to a PC. No iPhone has an SD card slot.

Paid Apps: Apple has a number of applications for which you have to pay extra, similar ones are free on Android.

In recent years, the value of Apple phones has been declining just as fast as competing Androids. Therefore, if you plan to buy an iPhone with the intention of selling it soon, we recommend not reaching for the cheapest variants, but rather for higher or mid-range models.

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