sbigeneral two wheeler insurance

About SBI Two Wheeler Insurance

SBI Two Wheeler Insurance Plan is provided by SBI General Insurance Company. Additionally it offers a wide range of insurance products including health insurance, travel insurance, personal insurance. Today we will talk about SBI Two Wheeler Insurance in this article. We will learn about its features and benefits and also discuss the different types of SBI two wheeler plans offered by it.

Features And Benefits Of SBI Two Wheeler Insurance

  1. SBI comprehensive insurance policy provides cover for any damage to your two wheeler such as damage to your own vehicle or third party liability. This comprehensive insurance policy is offered at a very low premium rate.
  2. By this, any loss caused to the third party in the third party insurance scheme is compensated by the insurance company. For this, the owner of the insured vehicle does not bear any responsibility.
  3. Accidents like natural calamities and man-made calamities are also covered by this insurance policy.
  4. The amount of premium in this scheme is different for different individuals. It depends on the age of the person and other factors.
  5. If you get your two wheeler insured with SBI General Insurance continuously without any interruption, you are provided a discount on the premium.
  6. This plan also offers you additional optional covers. We know it as add-on. For this you have to pay a slightly higher premium and you can get additional coverage for your two wheeler.
  7. In this, coverage up to Rs 15 lakh is provided under personal accident. But this does not apply to vehicles owned by a company.
  8. In this you can get cover for the co-passenger by paying additional premium.
  9. In this you are also provided the benefit of no claim bonus. If you have not submitted any claim during the policy term then you get No Claim Bonus. Through this you can get up to 50% discount in premium. However, you will be required to renew your bike within 90 days of the end of the policy term.
  10. It also has a high medicine disposal ratio and prompt customer support.

SBI Two Wheeler Plan

sbigeneral two wheeler insurance
  1. SBI Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy:

A comprehensive bike insurance policy covers you against any damages caused by third party as well as your own. It also covers damages caused by natural calamities and man-made calamities. A comprehensive bike also gives you the option of adding add-on covers. Through this you can provide additional coverage to your two-wheeler. SBI comprehensive bike insurance policy is provided to you at a very premium. So, if you want to secure your two-wheeler completely, then you must take a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

  1. SBI Third Party Bike Insurance:

SBI Third Party Bike Insurance covers third party liabilities. In this, if your vehicle meets with an accident and any third party person or his vehicle or any other type of property is damaged, then this insurance policy protects you from the liabilities of the third party.

Exclusions Under SBI Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

  • depreciation,
  • mechanical or electrical damage,
  • Riding a bike without a valid license,
  • Riding a bike under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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