Bank Account No Interest

It is very important to talk about which bank account does not give interest. Because there are countless government and private banks in our country India, through which customers are given the facility to open many types of accounts. Almost all people open bank accounts for the purpose of earning interest. But in this article we will talk about which bank account does not give interest . If you do not know on which account of the bank does not get interest , then definitely read this article, so that you also know on which account the bank does not give interest .

On which account the bank does not pay interest

The bank does not pay interest on the current account, but does provide facilities for unlimited deposit-withdrawal, overdraft , check book, debit card, internet banking etc. for this account. This account is offered by the bank especially for business people. Because businessmen have to do transactions anytime, anywhere. There is no limit set for transactions in the current account, while all types of limits are set in other types of accounts.

Bank Account No Interest

On which account the bank does pay interest

Bank gives interest in savings account, fixed account, recurring account and other types of accounts. Most of the people open other types of accounts other than savings account for the purpose of saving and earning interest. Like the current account, the bank also provides the facility of check book, debit card, mobile banking, net banking, etc. in the savings account, but there are many limits regarding transactions. Whereas fixed and recurring account is a fixed deposit account, the bank gives the highest interest on this type of account.


Which type of bank account does not earn interest?

Current bank account does not earn interest.

Which account gets the highest interest?

The highest interest is available in fixed deposit account.

Which type of bank account is best?

Savings account is best for common people.

In how many banks can a person open an account?

A person can open as many bank accounts as he wants in different banks.

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