Premium of Term Insurance of 25 Lakh

First comes the question, what is a term insurance premium? You have to pay a premium in the form of a certain amount of money at a fixed point of time in order to continue with your term insurance plan. If you pay your premium on time then your policy continues otherwise your term insurance policy expires, so it is necessary that you keep paying your term insurance plan premium on time to continue with your plan.

Insurance companies provide you with a variety of options for premium payment. You can choose to pay your premium payment in one go or monthly or half-yearly or annually.

There are various types of term insurance plans offered by various insurance companies in the Indian insurance market. These term insurance plans offer you various coverages. You can get term insurance coverage ranging from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 100 crore as per your requirement.

It depends on your requirement that how much term coverage you want. If you want the minimum sum insured then the option is also available and for the maximum sum insured also different types of term insurance plans are made available to you.

Now the main question comes that what will be the premium of 25 Lakh term insurance? It is worth noting that the premium for your term insurance plan depends on factors like your age, policy term etc.


The younger you opt for your term insurance plan, the lower the premium you have to pay. While taking a term insurance plan at an older age, you have to pay a higher premium.

Also, if you opt for a shorter policy term, you have to pay a lower premium. If you opt for a longer policy term, you have to pay a higher premium.

Generally speaking, if you take a term insurance of Rs 25 lakh, then you have to pay a premium ranging from minimum 299 to maximum ₹ 499 per month.

The amount of premium may vary from one insurance company to another and from one term insurance plan to another term insurance plan. It also depends on the insurance company and the type of term insurance policy.

Let us assume that if you take a term insurance plan of Rs 25 lakh, then you will have to pay a minimum premium of Rs 299 per month to Rs 499 per month. This ranges from 3600 per annum to 6000 per annum annually.

Thus we saw that you can get a term insurance policy of 25 lakhs by paying a very minimum premium .

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