when an account get closed

Now days everyone has account in bank. They use its facility and feel secure about their money. Some people have more than one account in bank. In such cases, due to having more than one account, some accounts become inactive/closed due to non-transaction for a long time. Let us try to know in this article when the bank account is closed and how the closed account can be started again.

When does the Bank Account get Closed?

If no deposit-withdrawal is made in the bank account for 1 year, the account is put in the inactive category by the bank. To transact in an inactive account, it has to be activated again. On the other hand, if deposits and withdrawals are not made in the account continuously for 2 years, then the account is closed in the doormat category. Which this rule is applicable for both savings account and current account.

when an account get closed

How to know whether the account is closed or active?

To know whether the account is closed or active, one has to visit the bank branch with the passbook. Where the account is closed or the current address is known after getting the check from the employee.

How to Reactivate Bank Account?

For re-activation of the bank account, one can go to the bank branch and give the application form. Or can revive the account through bank’s customer care number or through netbanking banking through login and password.


After how many days does the bank account get closed?

The account gets closed if there is no transaction in the account for about 2 years.

Can a closed bank account be reopened?

Yes, the closed account can be re-opened.

In how many days the closed account becomes active?

Closed bank account gets activated within 24 to 48 hours respectively.

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