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The trend of credit card has increased very fast, everyone wants to get a credit card. So that with the help of credit card it can be used for a variety of activities ranging from online shopping. If you also do not know in how many days the credit card is made and in how many days the credit card is made , then definitely read the whole article, in this article detailed information has been given on these topics.

In How Many Days the Credit Card is Made?

The credit card is made in approximately 20 to 25 days, that is, after applying for the credit card, it takes approximately 07 to 14 days for the bank to accept the application, after which the credit card is sent to the applicant’s address by post. It is sent via courier, which takes a week to reach. It is clear that in all these processes, it takes 20 to 25 days to make and receive the credit card.


  1. What are the documents required for making a credit card?

Passport size color photo, identity proof, residence proof, income proof, bank statement are required to make a credit card.

  1. How much does it cost to make a credit card?

For making a credit card, it may cost minimum Rs 500 to maximum Rs 10000.

  1. How many days does it take for the credit card to be prepared?

The credit card comes ready in about 20 to 25 days.

  1. Which bank gives easy credit card?

Private sector banks give credit cards very easily, like Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank etc.

  1. Can I get a credit card without a bank account?

Yes, one can get a credit card without a bank account, but to make it one has to show the source of income along with the necessary documents.

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