pnb atm card

If you are also a PNB account holder, have applied for a new ATM card for the first time, then this article is very important for you, after reading the entire article, you will know in how many days the PNB i.e. Punjab National Bank ATM card will be generated . And in how many days does Punjab National Bank ATM card get activated ?

How many days does it take for PNB ATM card to arrive?

After applying in the Pnb bank branch, the PNB ATM card is prepared in about 7 to 15 days and arrives at the home address through post, provided that it should be a working day of the PNB bank, otherwise it takes more than 15 days for the ATM card to arrive. may also seem The thing to remember here is that while applying for PNB ATM card, give the correct home address, otherwise PNB Bank sends the ATM card through post, but due to wrong address, it comes back to the bank. goes . If it is taking a lot of time for the ATM card to arrive then please visit your PNB bank branch.

pnb atm card

How many days does it take for PNB ATM card to be activated?

A few years ago, as soon as the application for ATM card was made in PNB Bank, PNB Bank used to activate the ATM card at the same time. But at present, the home address of the applicant is verified keeping the security in mind, that is, the ATM card is sent by PNB through post to the applicant’s address. After receiving it, it has to be taken to the PNB bank branch, where it is immediately activated by the bank employee. Or to start it yourself, you can start it immediately by taking the help of PNB home branch ATM machine, mobile banking, internet banking. Remember, it is necessary to activate the new ATM card as soon as possible, that is, it is necessary to create a PIN for the PNB ATM card, otherwise the ATM card gets deactivated after 3 to 4 months.

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