Reactivate the inactive acount

when deposits and withdrawals are not made in the bank account continuously for some time, then the account is closed by the bank. And again to get the closed account started again, a written application has to be given in the bank, after which the closed account is started on behalf of the bank. If you have come to know in how many days the closed account becomes operational, then definitely read the whole article, the answer will be found below.

In how many days does the closed bank account become active?

After submitting the application form for opening a closed account in the bank branch, the closed bank account gets activated within 24 to 48 hours.

Reactivate the inactive acount

What to do to avoid account closure?

If you have more than one bank account, which you do not use, close that account completely.

If the account is needed, keep doing one or the other deposit-withdrawal in that account.

If you have multiple bank accounts, then link different bank accounts to pay different types of bills. By doing this, many accounts can be saved from being inactive / closed.

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