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If you want to apply for a Kotak Credit Card and you have a question in your mind that in how many days does the Kotak Credit Card arrive? So today we will answer your same question through this article. After reading this article completely, you will get the information that in how many days a Kotak credit card comes.

First of all you have to select a Kotak Credit Card for which you want to apply. You can choose your favorite Kotak credit card by visiting the official website of Kotak.

Once you are sure about which Kotak credit card you want to apply for, you can apply for that credit card either online or offline, as per your convenience.

To apply through online mode, you have to visit the official website of Kotak and select the credit card for which you want to apply. After that you have to provide your general information and required documents in the application form. After that you can submit your application form.

To apply through offline mode, you will have to go to your nearest Kotak Bank branch and get the credit card related application form, fill it completely and submit it to the bank.

kotak credit card

After submitting your application your application form is scrutinized by the bank. After this you will be contacted for further process.

After completing all the process, if the bank is satisfied that you hold the eligibility for a Kotak Credit Card, then your Kotak Credit Card application form is approved.

The time taken for a Kotak Credit Card application to be approved depends on the functioning of the bank. Your Kotak Credit Card application form can be approved quickly if there are no problems. But if there is any deficiency in any kind of document in your application form then it may take more time to approve your application form.

Once your Kotak Credit Card application is approved, the process of sending your credit card to your home address is started. Your credit card is sent to your home address via post.

It may take 7 to 10 days for the credit card to reach your home address through post. If the distance of your home is more than the credit card issuer location then this time may also take more. But if the distance is less then you can get your credit card soon.

When your Kotak Credit Card is sent to you through post, you are informed about it through SMS. Along with this, you are also given a tracking ID through which you can track your credit card.

Thus, once the Kotak Credit Card application is approved, it takes 7 to 10 days to reach you. Let us assume that you will receive your Kotak Credit Card between 7 to 10.

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