how to write application to open the closed account

The need to write an application to start a closed account arises when the account holder does not do transactions with his account for a long time. Once the account is closed, the facility of deposit and withdrawal of money in that account is stopped. In such a situation, the bank employee is asked to write an application to get the account started again. Now-a-days, most of the banks provide printed application forms to their customers to open a closed account, in which only some basic information related to the account has to be filled. But in some banks, to open a closed account, an application has to be given on a plain page. Let us know how to write applications to open a closed bank account and what are the documents required to open a closed bank account.

How to Open Closed Bank Account

  1. You will have to go to your bank branch, where you will have to ask for the account opening form from the branch employee.
  2. Some information has to be filled in the account opening print form provided by the branch employee.
  3. In order not to provide the print form for opening a closed account by the branch employee, the application for opening the account will have to be written on a plain page only.
  4. Attach the photocopy of passbook and Aadhaar card along with the application form and submit it to the employee. After which the closed account is made operational by the employee.
how to write application to open the closed account

Bank Account Opening Application

In service,

mr branch manager

(Write the name and location of the bank here)

Subject- Application for revival of closed account


I humbly state that I am (insert your name here) account number (insert account number here) account holder of your bank. Due to some personal reasons I was unable to do transactions from the account for some time due to which our account has been closed by your bank branch. Sir, I request you to try to get my account started again, so that I can complete the process of deposit-withdrawal in my account again, I will always be grateful to you for this!

                                      your trust account holder

                                                (your name)

                                            Account Number - (xyz)

                                          Mobile Number - (xyz)



What are the documents required to open a closed bank account?

Photocopy of application form, Aadhaar card and passbook may be required to open a closed bank account.

In how many days does the closed bank account become active?

The closed bank account becomes operational within about 24 to 48 hours.

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