Essay writing refers to that mode of writing, in which the writer writes his thoughts in a systematic manner. It is written on social, economic, political and scientific issues etc. In this way, through the essay, the writer presents his thoughts on a subject through words. In such a situation, it is necessary that the style of writing the essay should be pure and accurate. So that it becomes effective in reading.

So let us know such tips which you will use while writing an essay, then you will be able to write a better quality essay –

  1. The outline of the essay must be prepared.
    First of all, while writing an essay on any subject, you have to prepare an outline related to that subject. Outline in a way gives a general introduction to all the parts mentioned in the essay. By reading which the reader gets to know about your essay. In the outline , from the introduction, meaning, type, purpose and importance to the profit and loss related to the subject of the essay, etc. are told. That’s why it is necessary to make an outline before writing an essay. Only then you will be able to write a better quality essay from the beginning.
  2. Special attention should be paid to the presentation.
    Whenever you write an essay on any subject, keep in mind that your essay should always start with a slogan or poem of a great man. So that readers start showing interest in reading your essay even in the beginning. The complete introduction of the subject on which you are writing the essay is known to the reader from the introduction itself.
  3. Should have a strong hold on the language.
    To write an essay, it is most important that in whatever language you want to write the essay. You should have good command over that language. Like if you want to write essay in Hindi language, then you should know how to write, speak and read Hindi language properly.
    Also you should have a good knowledge of Hindi grammar. So that you can compose an essay containing error-free and correct spelling. Due to the proper knowledge of the language, you have a stock of good words while writing an essay. Which you can use to make your essay interesting.
  4. Essay should be written by dividing it into sub-parts.
    The ideas and information to be written under the essay should always be divided into sub-parts. So that it is convenient for the reader to read.
    That is, during essay writing, you should write your point by expressing it in points and can be understood and read in detail through subsections.
  5. The epilogue should be written effectively.
    At the end of any essay, the author tries to finalize his speech through epilogue. If an essay begins with an introduction. So it should also end with an epilogue. In which the essay is done in a systematic manner.
    In this, all those things are clearly written or explained by the author for the last time, which he wants to reach others through his essay.


  1. Apart from this, while writing an essay, it is also necessary to write the ideas sequentially. This awakens interest in the mind of the reader while reading the essay.
  2. Along with this, the word limit should also be kept in mind while writing the essay.

I hope you have liked this article of ours. If you take care of the above things while writing an essay, then you will definitely be successful in writing an effective essay.

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