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Through this article, we will give you special information about how to use SBI Credit Card . Through this you can get maximum benefits by using your credit card wisely. Therefore, you should read this article completely so that you can get maximum benefits from your SBI credit card.

Through an SBI credit card, you not only get cashback and discounts on online shopping, you are also provided with the benefit of reward points on every payment. You can redeem and use these reward points later. Apart from this, you can avail many benefits through your credit card like fuel surcharge waiver, travel benefits, food benefits, entertainment etc.

  1. Reward Points:

As you might know, you are provided with the benefit of reward points when you make payment through a credit card. Whenever you make any payment through your credit card, you are provided with certain reward points on each payment. You can collect maximum reward points if you make your usual payments, which you would normally make through cash, through your credit card.

You can easily redeem these reward points later from the gift catalogue. In some credit cards, you also get money in exchange for reward points, through which you can pay your credit card bill or use that money for other purchases.

credit card defaulter

Therefore, to get maximum benefit from your SBI credit card, it is necessary that you make each of your payments through credit card only so that you can get maximum benefit through reward points.

  1. Cashback and Discounts:

You can avail the benefit of cashback and discounts in online shopping or offline shopping through your SBI Credit Card. If you use your credit card to pay for your daily purchases, you can get some percentage discount on it. In this way you can reduce your shopping bill.

  1. EMI facility:

SBI Credit Card also provides EMI facility to its customers. Through this facility, if you purchase a large amount, then instead of paying for it immediately, you can convert it into EMI and pay it in easy monthly installments at a lower interest rate. Through this facility, you do not need to spend money immediately and you can easily buy the goods you need.

  1. Utility Bill Payment:

You have to pay your utility bill every month. If you pay your utility bills through your credit card, you not only get the benefit of cashback but you are also offered the benefit of reward points for every payment.

Additionally you can also set your utility bill payments to auto pay. If you pay your utility bill through auto pay on your credit card, your utility bill is automatically paid each month. You don’t need to do this yourself every month. Through this facility you can avoid default in payment of your utility bills.

5.Benefits of Insurance:

You can also avail insurance benefits through your SBI credit card. Through this insurance, you can avail insurance benefits like air accident cover, card loss cover etc. without paying any premium.

However, the only condition for this is that you have to transact a certain amount through your credit card in 1 year. This is very easy because if you take a credit card then you definitely use the credit card in your transactions. With this you can easily fulfill the condition of spending the amount in minimum 1 year.

  1. Cash withdrawal facility:

SBI Credit Card provides you the facility to withdraw cash from domestic or international ATMs through your credit card as and when required. Through your credit card, you can withdraw cash not only from domestic ATMs but also from international ATMs whenever required.

This type of withdrawal facility frees you from carrying cash with you because carrying cash with you involves responsibility as it is possible that your cash may get lost or stolen etc.

  1. Exemption in fuel surcharge:

If your fuel related expenses are high then you can increase the savings in your fuel expenses through the use of your SBI Credit Card. Fuel surcharge waiver of up to 1% is provided to you when you refuel at any fuel station located in India through SBI Credit Card. For this you have to transact a certain amount at the fuel station. Thus you can save on your fuel expenses by using your SBI credit card.

  1. Add-on Card:

SBI Credit Card also provides its customers the facility to add add-on cards. You can add your family members, who are above 18 years of age, as add-on cards through this facility. Through add-on cards, you can provide your family members the opportunity to avail the benefits of SBI credit card.

  1. Balance transfer facility:

You also get the facility of balance transfer in SBI credit card. Through this, you can transfer the outstanding amount of your other credit card or any other loan to SBI credit card. Now the advantage is that you can transfer your other credit card loans to your SBI credit card at a lower interest rate. After transferring your outstanding amount to SBI Credit Card, you can choose to repay it in easy monthly installments at very low interest rates. In this way you can get interest rebate on your loan.

  1. Use during international travel:

SBI Credit Card is an internationally recognized credit card. If you travel a lot internationally then this credit card provides you a lot of convenience. Through this credit card you can use airport lounge access without paying any fee. Additionally, if you need cash abroad, you can also fulfill your cash needs by withdrawing cash from foreign ATMs.

  1. Food Bill:

SBI credit card tries to provide you benefits in your food bills also. You can get up to 20% off if you pay your meal bill at SBI partner restaurants through SBI Credit Card. Thus you can increase the savings on your food bill by using your credit card.

  1. SBI BillDesk:

You can easily pay your SBI Credit Card bill with the help of SBI BillDesk in just one click. This process is completely online and very easy. You can access it from anywhere anytime without any hassle.

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