How to Turn Off Voice Assistant on Android?

How to Turn Off Voice Assistant on Android?

Google Assistant has made work easier for everyone because it does everything we say, like call someone, play music, schedule a task, answer any odd questions, etc. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Google smart speakers, Chromebooks, smartwatches, and headphones Wireless ear.

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant powered by AI. One can use it via commands or they can type in the search box what they want to ask Google to do on their device.

Nevertheless, it is useful to us in many ways, but it is usually that it appears without any reason. You might have seen Google Assistant appearing on your device, so to get rid of it, you can turn it off because it is the best solution if you are angry about this problem.

It can be difficult to turn off the voice Assistant on android, as the feature is not available in the device settings. The feature is in the app settings, so follow the steps below that will help you turn off the assistant easily.

Steps to turn off Google Assistant on Android

Anyone who wants to completely turn off the Google Assistant on their Android smartphone, follow the instructions on your device.

First, open the Google Assistant app on your Android phone.
tap on profile picture On the higher side, otherwise there will be a choice.” More “.
Select an option Settings , under the tab click Google Assistant.
Select tab Year “to turn off the slider next to Google Assistant.

So, this is how you can turn off Google Assistant on your device. And if you want to turn it back on, follow the same steps as above and finally turn on the slider.

How to Turn Off Voice Assistant on Android?

How to Disable the Support only Button?

If you just disable the support button, the assistant will only appear when you long press the home button. By doing this, you will avoid scenes like the assistant appearing for no reason; It will open when you want.

Unlock the device and go to Settings.
Now scroll down and look for ” Apps and permissions” (The option will be different on each device. In some phones there will only be apps.)
Go to Manage permissions >> Default app settings >> Device Assistant
Select the assistant you want to open when the start button is pressed.

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