Turn Off Google Assistant

If you want to turn off Google Assistant, how to turn off google assistant? Today, through this post, we will teach you how to turn off Google Assistant inside your mobile phone. In this post I will answer all these Google Assistant off, how to turn off google assistant, turn off google assistant, how to turn off assistant google questions. The Google Assistant is invoked many times when you unlock your smartphone, so there are ways you can stop using the Assistant. However, if you don’t want to disable it on your phone, you can disable Google Assistant on the lock screen.

How To Google Assistant Turn Off?

Google Assistant is a useful tool for smartphone users. It has evolved since its launch and now we hear of some new features of the Google Assistant. But it may not be the reason it should be used on a person’s phone. People face issues like Google Assistant crashing when they ask for it or some users are also concerned about data privacy. So, they may want to know how to turn off Google Assistant completely on Android.

So, if you choose to disable Google Assistant completely, follow the steps below:

1] Open the Google app on your smartphone and select the More (three dots) option at the bottom right corner.
2] From here go to Settings and then select Google Assistant .
3] Now scroll down to General and tap on it. On the next page, uncheck the Google Assistant toggle.
4] When you do this, you will see a pop-up warning about not working. Ignore it and tap on Turn-off.
5] You have now turned off the Google Assistant for your Google Account.

Turn Off Google Assistant

How To Turn Off Google Assistant?

First you have to go to the setting of your mobile phone.
After going to Settings, click on the Google button.
As soon as you click on the Google button, a new page will open in front of you, it has your Gmail ID and many settings, but you have to click on the Setting for google apps button at the bottom.
Will open here you have to click on search assistant and voice.
In the next page you have to click on google assistant google assistant.
Now again a new page will open, here you will see your Gmail ID and many buttons, you have to click on General in it.
If you click on General, the first option will appear of Google Assistant, you have to turn it off.
google assistant off google assistant off from your mobile phone.

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