w to open student bank account

How to open Student Bank Account is very important to talk about , because at present students can get the benefits of scholarship, incentives and other schemes by opening a student bank account. If you want to open a student bank account , then this article is very important for you, in this article detailed information has been given on how to open a student bank account, that is , how to open a student bank account in any bank and how to open a student bank account. Which documents are needed ?

Minimum Age for Opening Student Bank Account

Children of any age can open a student bank account, but if they are minors, along with their own identification, the guardian’s document is also required. If the child’s age is below 10 years, the account is looked after by the Guardian, while the child below 10 years to 18 years can operate his own account. On the other hand, a student aged 18 or more can update the account independently by opening the account with his own documents.

Benefits of student Bank Account

  1. Student can collect fund for himself.
  2. Saving can become a habit.
  3. Scholarship, incentive amount and other schemes can be availed in the account.
  4. Like other accounts, the student gets the benefit of interest on the money deposited in the account.
  5. One gets the benefit of various types of banking facilities provided by the bank.

Documents required for opening student bank account

  1. Student’s latest passport size photo, Aadhaar card, School ID, Birth certificate.
  2. Along with the parent’s Aadhaar card, PAN card, signature is required.
w to open student bank account

How to open student bank account

  1. Visit the nearest bank branch of any bank.
  2. Ask for account opening form from the employee.
  3. Fill the correct details in the form.
  4. Attach the required documents with the form.
  5. Submit the joining form and the minimum amount to the employee.
  6. The employee will open the account after checking all the attached forms.


Which is the best bank to open a student bank account?

The best bank to open a student bank account is SBI, Union Bank, Baroda Bank and all public sector banks.

What is required to open a student account?

To open a student account, one’s own Aadhaar card, birth certificate, school ID and guardian’s document are required.

With how much money can a student bank account be opened?

Student bank account opens from 500 to 1000 rupees respectively. In some banks it opens even with zero rupees.

How to open student bank account online?

Student bank accounts can be opened online through the official website or app of banks or by directly visiting the bank branch.

Is ATM card available for student bank account?

Yes, ATM card is available for student bank account.

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