how to open acount in idbi bank

If you want to open an account in IDBI Bank then this article is very important for you. Because this article contains detailed information on how to open an account in IDBI Bank and what are the documents required to open an account in IDBI Bank . IDBI Bank branches are located in different parts of the country, and this bank offers many types of account opening services offline and online. Along with this, other types of banking facilities are being provided.

How to Open an Account in IDBI Bank?

IDBI Bank account can be opened through offline and online mode:-

How to open offline account in IDBI Bank?

  1. Visit the nearest branch of IDBI Bank.
  2. Ask for new account opening form from the branch employee.
  3. Fill the correct information in the opening form.
  4. Attach the mandatory documents with the form.
  5. Submit the joining form and the minimum amount to the employee.
  6. The employee will open the account after checking the application form.
how to open acount in idbi bank

How to open IDBI Bank account online?

  1. IDBI Bank App has to be installed from Google Playstore .
  2. In order to open the app, you will have to verify by entering the mobile number and pen card number.
  3. Clicking on Get Started in the next page, entering the Aadhaar number and verifying the address.
  4. In the next page Customer Confirmation Select i.e. Yes on DBT option and other No ticks will have to proceed continuously.
  5. In the next page, select the nearest IDBI branch as per your convenience.
  6. Now click on Continue by accepting the term and condition to get internet banking, mobile banking, debit card and SMS alert services.
  7. In the next page, the information of the nominee has to be filled or you can also skip it.
  8. In the next page fill community, caste, occupation, email id and mother’s name and click on Continue button.
  9. The message of Congratulations will be found in the next page. That means the account will be opened, in which up to Rs. 1 lakh can be deposited. To keep more deposits than this, full KYC will have to be done in the bank branch.
  10. To get the details related to the bank account, one has to click on Get Know, in which the account number, customer ID will be found. And the debit card will be sent to the address by post, after which IDBI Bank’s internet banking can be activated by visiting its official website . And along with this mobile banking can also be started through IDBI’s app .

Benefits of opening an account with IDBI Bank

  1. Money is safe in IDBI Bank.
  2. More interest is given on the deposited money.
  3. Debit card and check book facility for the account.
  4. Netbanking and Mobile Banking facility available.

IDBI Bank Account Opening Eligibility

  1. It is necessary to be an Indian resident.
  2. Must be 18 years of age.
  3. Must be a government certified document.
  4. Children can open the account with the help of parents.

What are the requirements for opening an account with IDBI Bank?

  1. Passport size color photograph.
  2. Mobile Number and Email ID.
  3. PAN card and minimum deposit amount.
  4. Identity and residence proof (such as Aadhaar, Voter, Driving License, NREGA Card, Electricity Bill)


  1. What kind of bank is IDBI Bank?

IDBI Bank is a commercial bank, through which all types of banking facilities are being provided.

  1. Is IDBI Bank Government or Private ?

IDBI Bank is a private limited bank.

  1. IDBI Bank is the bank of which country?

IDBI Bank is an indigenous Indian bank.

  1. What is the age requirement to open an account with IDBI Bank?

One must be 18 years of age to open an account with IDBI Bank. Children below this age can open an account with the help of their parents.

  1. How much does it cost to open an account with IDBI Bank?

IDBI Bank Savings Account opens with Rs.500. Apart from this, zero balance account can also be opened.

  1. What are the documents required to open an account with IDBI Bank?

Photo, Aadhaar, Voter, Driving License, PAN Card, Electricity Bill, Minimum Deposit Required to open account in IDBI Bank.

  1. How to open Zero Account in IDBI Bank?

Zero account can be opened in IDBI Bank with the help of its official website .

  1. How long does it take to open an account with IDBI Bank?

It takes 1 to 2 working days to open an account at IDBI Bank branch. While opening an online account takes only a few minutes.

  1. How much interest is available in IDBI Bank?

Deposits in various types of savings accounts in IDBI Bank earn interest at the rate of 3% to 4% per annum.

  1. Can I open a zero balance account with IDBI Bank?

Yes, zero balance account can be opened in IDBI Bank.

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