how to open a bank account

Nowadays money is safe on depositing money in the bank and there is a good interest on the deposited money. Apart from this, the benefit of many types of banking facilities can also be availed. In today’s era, accounts can be opened very easily in any bank, yet most of the people do not know how to open a bank account . If you do not know, then this article is very important for you, in this article detailed information has been given on how to open an account in any bank .

How to Open Account in Bank

Account can be opened in any bank in the following ways:-

Open Account in Bank Offline

  1. Visit your preferred bank branch.
  2. Account opening form will have to be taken from the bank employee.
  3. Correct information has to be filled in the form.
  4. Documents have to be attached with the form.
  5. The joining form has to be submitted to the bank employee.
  6. The bank employee will open the account after checking the application.
how to open a bank account

Open Online Bank Account

Now-a-days almost all the banks provide online account opening facility to their customers. By visiting the official website of any bank and applying with necessary documents, the account is opened by that bank.

Benefits of Opening a Bank Account

  1. Money is safe in the bank.
  2. Interest is received on the money deposited in the bank account.
  3. ATM card and check book facility.
  4. Netbanking and Mobile Banking facilities.
  5. Benefits of personal accident, death cover, insurance cover.

Documents required for opening bank account

The following types of documents are required to open an account in any bank:-

  1. Passport size photo.
  2. PAN Card and Mobile No.
  3. Identity Proof (Aadhaar, Voter, Driving License any one of these)
  4. Residence Proof (Voter Card, Electricity Bill one of these)
  5. Minimum deposit amount.


How to open a bank account sitting at home?

An account can be opened online from home with the help of the official website of any bank.

How much does it cost to open a bank account?

It takes 500 to 2000 paise to open a bank account. Apart from this, Jan Dhan account can be opened in 0 paise.

In how many days the bank account is opened?

After applying in the bank, the bank account is opened in about 07 to 15 days.

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