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How to make a student’s credit card must be known to all the students studying. Because student credit cards are usually given to college going students. For this, the age of the student should be 18 years and above, only then he is eligible for the student credit card, and can be made easily by applying with some minor documents without monthly condition. If you have come to know what it takes to get a student credit card and how to get a student credit card , then definitely read the entire article till the end, in this article we are going to tell some methods, following which you will be very successful. You can easily take advantage of it by making a student credit card.

Eligibility for Student Credit Card

  1. The age of the student should be 18 years.
  2. Student should be a college going student.

Documents required for getting student credit card

  1. Latest Photo
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. College ID Card
  4. Residence Certificate
  5. PAN Card

Student Credit Card Features and Benefits

Following are the features and benefits of Student Credit Card:-

  1. Credit Limits

The student does not have any source of income, hence the student credit limit is very less as compared to other credit cards. That is, generally speaking, the credit limit of student credit card is up to 15000 thousand rupees. With this a student can avoid unnecessary expenditure.

  1. Card Validity

Other regular credit cards issued by banks usually have a validity of 3 years, while a student credit card is valid for 5 years.

  1. Free Duplicate Card

In case the card is lost, stolen or damaged for any reason, a duplicate student credit card can be obtained again free of cost or for a nominal fee.

  1. Waiver of Fees

The bank does not charge any joining fee or annual fee for the student credit card. Even if any annual fee is charged by the bank, it is very less.

  1. Minimum Documents

Students do not need any unnecessary documents to apply for student credit card. With minimum documents one can apply for student credit card.

  1. Offers and Reward Points

Students are provided with the benefit of various offers and reward points on the Student Credit Card. Therefore, by using this card, you can take advantage of these benefits.

how to make credit card for student

How to make student credit card?

The bank knows very well that the students studying do not have any kind of income. Even if he is earning something through any medium, it is spent on his education. Hence the monthly income eligibility is not applicable by the bank on the student credit card. Now, without delay, let us quickly learn about the methods of how to get a student credit card one by one.

  1. Against Fixed Deposit

If there is a savings account in the bank and the amount is deposited in the fixed account, then the student can apply for the credit card. This is the simplest and easiest way bank issues instant credit card on the basis of fixed deposit.

  1. Add-on Card

You can get a student credit card through an add-on card by making a request to any member of your family who is currently using a credit card. But it is worth noting that add-on credit cards also have some limitations.

  1. Strong Savings Account

You can apply for a student credit card if you have a strong savings account with a good history. However, not all banks provide this facility. This facility may differ from one bank to another. Some banks may grant or deny credit cards on the basis of a strong savings account.


Can students get credit cards?

Yes, students can get a credit card.

Can I pay school fees with a credit card in India?

Yes, you can pay school fees through credit card in India.

For how many days is the student credit card valid?

The validity of the student credit card is five years.

Where is the student credit card made?

Student credit card is made in banks.

How to apply for student credit card?

You can apply for a student credit card at a bank branch or through the website of the student credit card scheme issued by the government.

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