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SBI provides various types of credit card facilities to its customers at very reasonable prices, that is why most of the people are preferring to make SBI credit card these days. But some people do not know at all what are the terms and conditions for making SBI Credit Card and how to apply SBI Credit Card . If you do not even know how to make SBI credit card , then must read the entire article, how to make SBI credit card in this article (Detailed information is available).

SBI Credit Card Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions required for getting an SBI credit card:-

The applicant must be an Indian citizen.

To get an SBI credit card, the age of the applicant should be between 18 and 60 years.

SBI provides credit cards only to employed and self-employed people.

The applicant should have documents such as PAN, Aadhaar, Driving License, Income Proof etc.

The applicant should not have any excessive outstanding loan.

The applicant must have a good civil score for SBI credit.

sbi credit card

Documents required to get SBI credit card

The following documents are required to get an SBI credit card:-

  1. Passport size color photograph of the applicant
  2. Identity Proof (Aadhaar, Voter, Driving License, PAN Card).
  3. Residence Certificate (Voter Card, Driving License, Indian Passport).
  4. Income Certificate (Income Proof, Bank Statement and PAN Card)

How to get SBI credit card

SBI credit card can be made in the following ways:-

  1. Apply for SBI Credit Card Offline

By going to the branch of SBI and talking to the bank employee, knowing in detail about all types of credit cards provided by SBI, and after choosing the right card according to you, taking the credit card form from the bank employee and filling in the correct information. Submit the necessary documents along with it to the bank employee. If all the documents given by you pass in the terms and conditions of the bank, then SBI makes your credit card and sends it to the home address through post.

  1. Apply for SBI Credit Card Online

Credit cards can be made even sitting at home with the help of SBI’s official website or SBI’s mobile banking app. For this, after visiting SBI website or SBI Yono app and selecting the credit card and submitting all the necessary documents, the SBI credit card is generated and also comes to the home through post.

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