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Through this article we will tell you how to get credit card statement? Along with this, we will also tell you what is a credit card statement? And what are the main components of credit card statement? So that you can get all the information related to a credit card statement at one place.

What Is A Credit Card Statement?

A credit card statement is a type of financial document that is sent to you physically at your registered address and electronically at your email address by the credit card issuer every month after the completion of your credit card billing cycle.

This credit card statement contains complete details about all types of payments made through your credit card. Apart from the amount spent by you, other details like your reward points, credit limit, payment date etc. are also given in this credit card statement.

Thus, a credit card statement is the details of all the transactions done by you through credit card within a month, through which you get information about all the expenses made by you and about paying your credit card bill. Is informed in.

Major Components Of Credit Card Statement

When you receive your credit card statement it contains complete details about the amount you have spent. Apart from this, some other details are also given in it, about which we are telling you in detail below.

The main components of a Credit Card Statement are as follows-

  1. Credit Limit:

When you get a credit card, you are given a credit limit by the bank. You can spend the amount in 1 month only within your credit limit. Suppose your credit limit is ₹1,00,000 and you spend ₹60,000 through your credit card then your remaining credit limit will be ₹40,000. When you pay credit card bills on time your credit limit increases again.

how to get credit card statement
  1. Payment Due Date:

The payment due date on your credit card statement tells you when you have to pay your credit card bill. You have to pay your credit card bill by the payment due date otherwise you may have to pay additional interest rates and fees.

  1. Minimum amount payable:

If you are not able to pay your credit card bills in full, you can pay the minimum due amount. You can continue using your credit card services after paying the minimum due amount. This usually amounts to 5% of the total outstanding amount. If you pay 5% of your credit card bill, you can continue using your credit card.

  1. Transaction Details:

Here a complete record of all the transactions done through your credit card in a month is given. This includes cash advance fee, interest, other charges.

  1. Billing Cycle:

This is a period of 1 month in which you make payments through your credit card. The credit card bill is generated only after completion of this period. This is known as billing cycle. Thus, a billing cycle is the period of time between two consecutive statements.

  1. Outstanding Amount:

If you have not paid your credit card bills past, your outstanding balance appears here. It contains complete details of your previous credit card bill outstanding amount.

  1. Reward Points:

The credit card statement also contains complete details of the reward points earned by you from using your credit card. It contains complete information about the reward points you have used, the reward points earned and the remaining reward points.

How To Get Credit Card Statement?

You can get your credit card statement in the following manner-

  1. How to get credit card statement online?
    As soon as your credit card bill statement is generated, a copy of it is sent to you electronically to your email address. You can easily get your credit card bill details by visiting your email.
  2. How to get credit card statement offline?
    A copy of the credit card bill is physically sent to you through post to your home address by the credit card issuer after your credit card bill is generated. In this way you can easily get your credit card details.

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