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How to Earn Money Online: Everyone wants to earn money whether it is a student, housewife or anyone who wants to earn money by doing part time work and for this you keep searching on the internet every day. We have brought for you some good and genuine ways to earn money online. In which you can earn a good income even with a little hard work.

Earn Money Online by Blogging

According to me, you can start your blogging career by creating your account on any one of these two:1. Blogger 2. WordPress. Well, no problem, for now you have to create a free account and try your hand at blogging. After that you have to enable Adsense on your blog so that ads will start coming on your account which will be your means of earning. The more people visit your blog.

The more ads will be shown in front of them and the more ads will be shown in front of them, the more will be your earning. For your information, let me tell you that your earning from ads will be in dollars and when you reach 100 dollars then you will You will be able to transfer that money to your account, but first of all we will have to focus on our work and not on money, only then you will be able to find your career in it and earn well like other big bloggers.

Earn Money Online by Sell Photos

There are many websites on the internet which sell your photos and pay you. Let me tell you the names of some of these selected websites. 1. Shutter Stock 2. Getty Images 3. I stock Photo 4. Images Bazaar. You can upload the photos clicked by you on these websites and when a client comes to this website and searches for a photo of his choice and he likes the photo uploaded by you, then he will buy it and make payment to you. This middleman website will keep some part and transfer the rest to your account. There are many websites on the internet which sell your photos and pay you.

Talking about photo selling, it is certainly interesting and just think, if you are getting money just by following your hobby, then what can be bigger than this in our life. You can sell any type of photos online. Like:- Animals, Cultural, Sports, Historical, Travels, Food, Fashion or Natural.

Earn Money Online by Freelancing

You can understand freelancing in this way that if a person has any talent then he can use that art for others or you can say that providing service is called freelancing. Now freelancing can be of many types. This can include any online work like:- Content Writing, Coding, Graphic Designing, Video Editing etc. Now it comes to how to contact those two people who want to do freelancing. So for that, there are many good websites available on the internet which take the creator to the customer. We just have to create an account on these websites and We have to tell about all the skills that we have.

Let me tell you one thing here that you should not keep the rates of your service too high so that the customer can reach you quickly. After creating an account, all your focus should be on the customer because here the customer gives you money as well as rating in return for your work, on which your ranking depends. So some good freelancing websites are given below on which you can create an account: Freelancer and Fiverr.

Make Money Online

Earn Money Online by Paid Survey

Online Surveys which is a very good option to earn money online. To earn money by doing such paid surveys, first of all you have to know that the market is full of genuine websites as well as fake websites, which take money from you in the name of joining and then commit fraud. You should login only on such websites which really give you money for your hard work and do not even ask you for money for joining. It is not difficult to find the difference between genuine and fake websites.

Earn Money Online by URL Shortener

Shortening the URL is very easy, you just have to shorten the URL and then ads are placed on the short URL. Whichever person Clicks on that Ad, before the main page opens, an Ad is shown in front of him and we get money from that Ad. To earn money, you will have to promote that shortner link. The more people see your link, the more money you will earn. Now if we talk about URL Shortner website, then this website will give you 1000 views. On average it gives from 5 dollars to 10 dollars. You can make a good income from URL Shortner. People are already earning very good income from this.


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