How to Earn Money Online by YouTube in Hindi

Friends, do you know how to earn money from YouTube, if not then this article is for you only. Crores of people watch YouTube and you can also earn a lot of money by becoming a YouTuber.
If we talk about earning money online from the Internet, the first name that comes to mind is YouTube because it is an easy and convenient way. To earn money from YouTube you do not have to make any investment.

Make Money Online by YouTube

In today’s time, both mobile and internet have become quite cheap. That’s why everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube on their mobile.
If we need any information then after Google we search only on YouTube. Because now we have got into the habit of seeing everything practically.
If you also have good knowledge about any subject, then you can earn good money from YouTube by starting your own YouTube channel. You just have to make videos on your favorite topic and upload them on the YouTube channel.
Everyone knows about YouTube, what it is and how to use it. But many of us do not know much about how to earn money from YouTube.

How to Earn Money from YouTube

Now you might be thinking that to earn money from YouTube you will have to do some course or make some investment.
But there is nothing like that, you can start a YouTube channel from your smartphones and earn money. You just have to make good videos on your content.
Big YouTubers also started their career by making videos on mobile. As your channel grows, you can change your tools.
First of all you have to create a Youtube channel for which you will need a Gmail account. Keep the name of your channel unique and short.
After that design channel art and logo in your channel. So that your channel looks like a professional channel. Then you can earn money from YouTube by uploading good videos on your channel.

How to Earn Money from YouTube

Friends, now we know about the best ways to earn money from YouTube. By using which you can earn up to lakhs of rupees.

YouTube Shorts

As we all know that YouTube Shorts has just been launched. Youtube shorts is a short video creating platform like Tiktok. In this also you get different features like TikTok.
Youtube shorts comes within the Youtube app itself. So [Yt shorts] is a great way to make money from YouTube. You can become famous quickly in YouTube Shorts because there is less competition here.
In YouTube Shorts, you can earn money through Affiliate marketing and Sponsored videos like YouTube. Apart from this, you can also earn money from Yt shorts by selling merchandise and cross promotion.

Ad Network

Google Adsense is the easiest and best way to earn money from YouTube. This is considered the official way to earn money from YouTube. Every big YouTuber earns money from Google Adsense only.
You can earn money by showing ads on your uploaded videos with the help of Google Adsense.
The craze of YouTube has increased so much that people are taking it as a full time career. Now everyone is starting their own channel and uploading videos on YouTube. Therefore, Google Adsense has imposed some conditions, only if you fulfill them, ads will be visible on your video and you will be able to earn money.

Affiliate Marketing

By doing Affiliate Marketing, you can earn money from YouTube in a very short time. Many people do not know about Affiliate Marketing. But everyone uses this method to earn money online.
In Affiliate Marketing, you have to put the link of a company’s product in the description of your video. And when someone buys that product from your link, then you get some percentage of it.
Earning money from Affiliate Marketing becomes even easier when you also give reviews on similar products in your videos.
Nowadays , big companies pay good money to YouTubers to sell more of their products.

Sponsorship Video

If your YouTube channel becomes famous and you get a lot of subscribers, then you start getting noticed by everyone.
As your popularity increases, sponsors will contact you and ask you to show their ads on your channel.
You can show those ads at the beginning or end of your video. Those companies pay you to show these ads.
This is a very good way to earn money from YouTube. For this you will have to add more and more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Tips to Earn Money from YouTube

Many people start their own YouTube channel to earn money from YouTube. But only a few of them become successful YouTubers. Therefore, we have given you some tips with reference to which you can become a successful YouTuber.

  1. Make some interesting videos on your channel which viewers can watch completely.
  2. Make videos on topics which are searched more. Make some such videos which are engaging on which more and more people comment and like and also share them.
  3. Name your video thoughtfully and write related information in the description and also add tags related to it so that your video gets indexed and also appears in the search results.
  4. Make quality videos and share your videos on social media so that more and more people can know about it.
  5. Do not copy someone else’s video and never make explicit videos which YouTube does not give permission to make.

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