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Make 1000 Dollar by Blog : Blogging is considered to be the best option to earn money on the internet today. Today people are earning thousands and lakhs of rupees per month by creating money making blogs. Friends, a lot of money can be earned by creating a blog, but you should also know how to create a blog, that is why in today’s post we will tell you how you can make money by blogging?

How Much can I Earn from a Blog?

Like any profession, there are different levels of earning money in blogging. There is no fixed salary here. You get paid according to the performance of your blog.
Earning money from blogging depends on some things like -:
– Which niche are you selecting?
– How much time are you spending on improving your content quality?
– How much organic traffic is there on your blog?
– Which method of earning money on blog are you choosing?
– What is your consistency and regularity?

If you take care of these things well then you can earn more money from blogging than any office going employee. One should not use any wrong method to earn money from blogging.

How to Earn Money from Blog?

Income from blog can be done in many ways, generally we know only one or two ways to earn money from blog. In today’s time, the work of blogging has become multipurpose. In this post we will tell you about many ways to earn money from blog.

Earn Money by Google AdSense

The most popular way to earn money on blogging is Google Adsense, when you have about 30+ unique posts on your website then you can apply for Google Ads.
When your blog is AdSense approved, then Google pays you to advertise on it. Google will run its ads on your blog and you will get money if the audience clicks on it.
The more people click these ads, the more money you will get. That is why it is very important to get traffic to your block.
You can earn $100 to $1000 per month from Google ads alone. To earn more money from Google Ads, you can use keywords with high CPC.

Make Money Online

Earn Money from Sponsored Post’s

If your blog gets good traffic then you can also earn money by writing sponsored posts. Whenever someone asks you to write a sponsored post about his product or service, you can charge money accordingly.
The more brand value and audience you have in the market, the more money you will get for writing guest posts. The company wants to send its product to as many people as possible with good reviews.
Therefore, by writing these types of positive guest posts, you can charge around $100 to $500 for each post.

Earn Money by Brand Collaboration

If a fixed audience visits your channel daily, then you can earn money by collaborating with big brands. For this, your blog should get around 1000 page views daily.
Brands collaborate with well-known websites to reach their products to a larger audience. In this, you can also get online webinars or brand ads done on your website.

Earn Money by Sell Service

If you have expertise in anything then you can sell your own services or skills to people. If you run any small or big business, you can earn a lot of money by making it reach more people through your blog.
Most of the people like to sell online services on their blogging channel, like if you are an SEO expert then you can sell your course for SEO. If you can give any type of online course or training, then you can sell it to people through your blog.

Earn Money by Affiliate Marketing

Earning money through affiliate marketing is a very old and successful way in the world of blogging . You can earn a lot of money by tying up with big e-commerce websites and publishing their products on your website.
In this you have to publish the link of the product of the ecommerce website on your website. If your audience clicks on that link and buys goods from there, then you get some commission on it.


Friends, I hope now you got the answer of “how to earn money from blog?”. There are many ways to earn money from blogging. In this post, we have told you the most successful methods using which you can at least $1000 per month from blogging .
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