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Nowadays the process of making credit card has become simple. Similarly the process of closing, canceling or deactivating the credit is also easy. If you are an HDFC credit card user and want to close your HDFC credit card for some reason, then definitely read the entire article, in this article you will get to know in detail how to close HDFC credit card .

How to close HDFC credit card?

There are many ways to close HDFC credit card, but the easiest and best ways are as follows:-

  1. Close HDFC Credit Card Offline

After going to the nearest branch of HDFC Bank, you have to request the bank official to close the credit card, for this you must carry all the documents related to your credit card, which you want to close.

  1. Close HDFC Credit Card through Customer Care Number

Credit card can be closed by calling HDFC customer care number 18002026161, 18602676161. For this, information related to credit card will be asked, which will have to be answered correctly. Remember, in this process you have to avoid sharing your OTP.

  1. Close HDFC Credit Card Online

Online closure of the credit card can be done by clicking on the credit card section after logging into the official website of HDFC Bank, or through the HDFC Mobile Banking App, which is HDFC Mobile Banking App on Playstore. Will be found present.

how to close hdfc credit card

Before closing HDFC credit card, keep the following things in mind:-

  1. Must take latest credit balance check.
  2. Earn reward points immediately.
  3. Make sure to pay the outstanding amount in full.
  4. Do not use the card after applying for closure.


HDFC credit card closure number

HDFC credit card closure number is 18002026161, 18602676161, by calling which the card can be closed.

How many days does it take for HDFC credit card closure?

As per RBI guidelines, it takes 07 days to close the credit card. If the bank does not close the card within 07 days, the customer will have to pay a penalty of Rs.500 per day.

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