As you would know, in today’s era, due to the ease of the process of making credit cards, we get many credit cards made at once, but it becomes very difficult to handle all the credit cards at once. If you have chosen the wrong credit card without thinking or are having trouble paying the credit card bill, or have lost the card or want to close your credit card for any other reason, then read this article till the end. Must read, information is present in this article, how the credit card of any bank can be closed .

How to Close the Credit Card?

Credit card of any bank can be closed in the following ways:-

1 Close Offline Credit Card

One has to go to the bank branch of the bank having the credit card, there the bank employee has to be requested to close the credit card. While going to the bank branch, be sure to carry all the documents related to the credit card, which you want to close.

  1. Close the credit card with the help of bank customer care number

Credit card can also be closed with the help of the customer care number given on the official website of the bank whose credit card you want to close. In order to call the customer care number of the bank, information related to the credit card is asked, after which the credit card is closed.

  1. Close Credit Card Online

All banks allow their customers to close credit cards using netbanking and mobile banking. In these ways, you can close the credit card sitting at home.

Before closing the credit card, keep the following things in mind:-

  1. Must take latest credit balance check.
  2. Receive Reward Points instantly.
  3. Be sure to pay the balance amount in full.
  4. Do not use the card after applying for closure.

How long does it take for credit card closure?

As per RBI guidelines, it takes approximately 07 days for the credit card to be closed. If the bank does not close the card by this time, the customer will have to pay a penalty of Rs.500 per day.

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