SBI ATM card

If you have come to know how much money can be withdrawn from SBI Savings Account, then you are welcome. Friends, as much money can be deposited and withdrawn as per your wish in the normal savings account of any bank, but there is a limit on depositing and withdrawing cash by going to the bank branch. However, account holders can deposit and withdraw from one rupee to thousand, lakh, crore or even more in their savings account through check or online.

How Much Money can be Withdrawn from SBI Savings Account?

There is no limit for depositing or withdrawing cash in SBI branch. But if a check book is issued along with a personal account, then you cannot withdraw more than fifty thousand rupees in a day from the withdrawal form. To withdraw more than fifty thousand rupees from SBI individual account, one will have to use cheque. Similarly, if you have an SBI account as a small or medium scale entrepreneur, you can withdraw up to Rs 1 lakh per day through the cash withdrawal form. But SBI Individual General Savings Account holders can transfer up to Rs 10 lakh per day from their account to another account online, whereas if a person has a HNI or NRI category savings account then he can transfer up to Rs 50 lakh per day. And those who have kept a current account open in SBI can also transfer Rs 50 thousand in a day.

SBI ATM card

How much money can be withdrawn from SBI ATM?

All banks issue ATM cards with different names and different limitations. SBI issues about 07 types of ATM cards for its account holders, due to which the daily limit for withdrawing cash from ATM ranges from Rs 20 thousand to Rs 1 Lacs, which is as follows.

SBI ATM/Debit Card Daily Limit

  1. Classic Maestro Debit Card Rs 20,000
  2. Global International Debit Card Rs 40 thousand
  3. Gold International Debit Card Rs 50 thousand
  4. Platinum International Debit Card Rs.1 Lakh
  5. In Touch Tap and Go Debit Card Rs 40 thousand
  6. Mumbai Metro Combo Card Rs 40 thousand
  7. My International Debit Card 40 thousand

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