Zym Exercise After 40

There should be no age limit, no weight limit, when you go to the Zym, only your body should be happy. Those who did not go to the gym till the age of 40, can now fulfill this hobby.

You can also lift dumbbells, do bench presses and do all the exercises that young people do with a few restrictions. The time has not yet come. Even now you can give new shape to the body.

Do Zym Exercises Over 40


Let’s discuss the restrictions before the pleasant things. Your metabolic rate has decreased. Muscles are weak and stamina has also decreased. There will also be pain in the back. But all these obstacles do not matter. The biggest obstacle is hesitation. If this is controlled, then the rest of the problems will be removed by the body itself.

How to start

If you have never done gym before or it has been a long time, then start with the park. You train yourself in the park for a month. This has two benefits, first one month gym fees will be saved and second you will be able to do gym.

Do this in 30 days

For the first one week: 30 minutes of walking, Surya Namaskar or stretching and 6 wall pushes in the initial one week.
Week 2: 30 minutes of walking at twice the pace, seven sun salutations or stretching, and 10 wall pushes.
Third week: Jogging, Surya Namaskar 9 times and bench push 8 times.
Fourth week: Jogging, 11 times Surya Namaskar and 10 bench push.

Zym Exercise After 40

Ready for the gym

If you have done even 70% of what is mentioned above, then you are ready to go to the gym. Here you first try your hand at basic exercises. You have to keep in mind that start exercising only after 20 minutes of warm-up and do stretching of any part you exercise separately.

Avoid these exercises

If you are not very fit then avoid squat, dead lift, chinup-pullup and any very small part exercise. Choose abdominal exercises that are best done lying flat. Exercises for Chest – Push ups, flat bench, flat dumbbell, butter fly. For Back – Pull Down, Seated Cable Row Shoulders – Seated Dumbbell Press, Seated Over Head Press, Seated Lateral Dumbbell Raise, Up Right Barbell Row For Arms – Seated Dumbbell Curl, Preacher Curl, Cable Curl, Overhead Triceps Extension, Skull crushers, bench triceps dips (feet will stay on the ground). For legs: Running, farmers walk, leg extension, leg curl. The coach present in the gym will know about all these, otherwise you can search the pictures with these names on the internet and you will understand.

Just pay attention

Injuries happen even while walking, but we do not stop walking. If there is pain even without doing anything, then there is no harm in taking pain by doing something, just don’t cross the limit. Secondly, within 20 minutes of exercising, have a strong breakfast with milk or protein shake. People with high BP must talk to the doctor once.

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