credit card term and insurance

Most of peope know aboutcredit card and they use it, because credit card gives benefits like cashback, reward points along with discount in bill payment for shopping, hotel, restaurant, ticket booking, fuel etc. But some terms and conditions have been made by the banks regarding the making and use of credit cards. Let us try to know in this article what are the terms and conditions of making and using a credit card .

Credit Card Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for making credit cards of Indian banks are as follows: –

  1. It is necessary to be an Indian resident.
  2. Must be 18 years of age.
  3. It is necessary to have mandatory documents.
  4. Civil score should be better.
credit card term and insurance

Before making and using a credit card, you must keep the following things in mind

  • Before making a credit card of any bank or company, the terms and conditions of that bank or company must be read, because the terms and conditions of each bank or company are different.
  • Be sure to check your credit score before taking a credit card. Because this can avoid cards with high interest rates.
  • Banks levy additional charges along with additional bills for spending beyond the credit card limit. So do not spend more than the prescribed limit of the card.
  • Credit card bills should be paid on time on receipt, otherwise the bank levies a special fee for the delay.
  • You may have to bear the loss if the credit card is lost or stolen. That’s why you should take care of the security of your card yourself.

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