All the people living in rural areas must know about the advantages of opening an account in Gramin Bank , because at present maximum branches of Gramin Bank can be easily seen in rural areas. If you live in a rural area then this bank must be present near you. This bank has been established by the government especially to connect people living in rural areas with banking facilities. People living in rural areas can easily take advantage of the banking facilities as well as the schemes offered by the government by opening their account in this bank. Let us try to know in this article what is the benefit of opening an account in Gramin Bank .

Benefits of Opening an Account in Gramin Bank

Following are the advantages of opening an account in Gramin Bank-

Gramin Bank is present nearby, so one does not have to go far to open an account.

Accounts can be opened in Gramin Bank under Jan Dhan Yojana in zero rupees.

If there is no minimum balance in the account, no fee or penalty has to be paid.

The money deposited in the account remains safe and interest is paid on that deposited money.

Account holders get the facility of ATM card, from which they can withdraw money from the ATM machine.

The government gives the benefits of many schemes to the rural people only through the Grameen Bank.

Gramin Bank provides loans to its customers at very low interest rates.

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