how to make credit card EMI

Bajaj caters to the needs of credit card customers through a variety of credit cards. You can avail many benefits through Bajaj Credit Card and also you get to pay low charges for Bajaj Credit Card.

There are some special things that make a Bajaj Credit Card different from other credit cards. Today in this article we will discuss those special things in detail so that you can get complete information about the benefits of a Bajaj Credit Card .

If you are thinking of applying for a Bajaj Credit Card, then it is important to know about all the benefits you get through Bajaj Credit Card . Therefore, you should read this article completely so that you can get complete information about the benefits of Bajaj Credit Card.

The following benefits are available through Bajaj Credit Card –

  1. Cashback:

A Bajaj Credit Card offers cashback benefits. If you make purchases using your Bajaj Credit Card at any Bajaj Finserv affiliated outlet, you can get up to 5% cashback there.

Up to 5% cashback is provided on purchases made by you at Bajaj Finserv partner outlets across accessories, gadgets, clothing, groceries etc. You are also given the option to repay purchases made at Bajaj Finserv outlets in easy monthly installments.

  1. Reward Points:

Like other credit cards, Bajaj Credit Card also offers you the benefit of reward points on every payment. Whenever you make payment through your Bajaj Credit Card, you are provided with the benefit of reward points.

You can easily redeem the reward points earned on Bajaj Credit Card payments at Bajaj Finserv affiliated stores. You can avail many benefits from these reward points like discounts, gift vouchers, movie tickets etc.

  1. EMI Conversion:

You can also avail EMI facility through Bajaj Credit Card. If you buy any big payment item through your Bajaj Credit Card, then you can choose to convert the money spent on the purchase of this item into EMI and repay it in easy monthly installments at a low interest rate.

Bajaj Credit Card offers you the very beneficial facility of EMI conversion. Through this you can complete your big purchases without any interruption.

how to make credit card EMI
  1. Cash Withdrawal Facility:

Through Bajaj Credit Card, you can also withdraw cash from ATM if required. But in this case Bajaj Credit Card is different from other credit cards. This is because you have to pay interest and fees on withdrawing cash from ATM through other credit cards. Whereas on cash withdrawal through Bajaj Credit Card, you do not have to pay any interest or fee for 50 days, that is, you can avail interest free period of 50 days on the amount withdrawn through ATM. This feature differentiates Bajaj Credit Card from other credit cards.

  1. Emergency Loan Facility:

Bajaj Credit Card also provides loan facility to its customers in case of emergency. Customers can avail this loan against the cash limit of their Bajaj Credit Card. This loan is given for 90 days and the interest charged on it is very low.

  1. Complementary Airport Lounge Access:

You can also avail the benefit of a complimentary airport lounge access through your Bajaj Credit Card. You can use the lounge at domestic or international airports for free without paying any charges. You can avail the benefit of this facility only a certain number of times in a year.

  1. Utility Bill Payment:

You can easily pay your utility bills like electricity bill, water bill, mobile recharge etc. through your Bajaj Credit Card. You also get cashback offer on utility bill payments through Bajaj Credit Card. You are also provided with reward points.

  1. Health Benefits:

You can also avail health benefits through your Bajaj Credit Card. If you avail a Bajaj Super Card and then download the Bajaj Finserv Health app on your mobile, you are provided with health benefits up to Rs14,000.

  1. Instant Credit Card:

You can get Bajaj Credit Card instantly. You do not need to wait long to receive its card. After you apply for it, as soon as your verification is done, you are issued a credit card.

  1. Joining and Annual Fee:

The joining and annual fees on Bajaj Credit Card are quite low. You can avail the services of a Bajaj Credit Card by paying very minimal charges.

  1. Insurance Benefits:

Bajaj Credit Card also offers insurance benefits to its credit card user. Through this you can avail benefits like fraud liability cover, air accident insurance etc. For this you do not need to pay any premium.

  1. Entertainment Benefits:

Bajaj Credit Card also offers entertainment benefits to its users. You can get one movie ticket for free when you purchase one movie ticket through Bajaj Credit Card. If you spend a lot on entertainment, a Bajaj Credit Card can provide you maximum benefits in this.

  1. Credit Score:

A Bajaj Credit Card also helps you in improving your credit score. If you pay your Bajaj Credit Card bill on time, it improves your credit score, which helps you a lot in taking another loan or getting a new credit card in the future.

  1. Low Mark-up Charges:

With Bajaj Credit Card you have to pay minimum forex mark-up charges. This is lower than other credit cards. Whenever you make a payment internationally with your credit card, you have to pay a foreign currency mark-up fee on this international transaction.

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